“To the staff at Rib Lake Health Services,
This is probably the hardest thank you I have to write. Seven years, 9 months, and 20 days you took care of my husband. How can I say thank you for that? I know he was not the easiest patient ever, but he was the love of my life until the Alzheimer’s took hold of him. He was the best husband a girl could have. He was the cheerleader and supporter of every foolish dream I ever had. He was a great father to the family he gave me. My thanks to him was to be the best advocate for his health care that I could be which made me a bit (well a lot) snarky at times. Forgive me for that. Thank you for letting me stay with him that last week, walking around in stocking feet, making hot chocolate in the middle of the night and wrapping me in blankets as I slept cross wise on the lift chair. It felt like family. It felt like love. You are all special.”

– Arlene J., Rib Lake, WI

“Dear Staff,

I want to thank each and every one of you from my heart for all of your Christ like care, your cheerfulness, the deep generosity and compassion of your souls. It is always a wonderful thing to be in a place where there are so many truly good people!

Thank you once again!”

– Richard G., Ogema, WI

“We would like to thank each and everyone of all Larry’s helpers while he was in rehab for the last several months. Special thanks to Jerry, Robin, Big Boy, Kylee, Kaylee, Amanda, Brittany and all the helpful staff. Things are going well! Thanks to Kay for bringing him back to the real world. Also thanks for Ruth and Teri for getting him moving again. It’s still a slow process but he does his exercises every day.

Thank you all!”

– Larry and Sheryl B., Medford, WI

“Hi everybody, I’m doing fine.  I would recommend Rib Lake to anyone who needs help.  Thank you so much for your help.  I don’t remember all your names but know your faces. The ones I do remember are Ellen, Rachel, Terry, Joanie, and a young girl Erica and John, we had talks about our Lord. I thank him too. I don’t want to leave anybody out so THANKS from the cleaning ladies, CNA’s Nurses, and to our Lord.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL. A special thanks to Jeanie. P.S. I even thank the birds, fish and the residents for entertaining me.”

– Juanita C., Prentice, WI